Terms of Use

We hereby determine the terms of the online service (hereinafter "Terms") run by TYFFON Inc.

Article.1 Definition

Following are the meanings of words used in the Terms.

  • “User” means a person who uses this service agreeing to the Terms.
  • “This service” means the service that our company provides for those who use “this system” based on the Terms, and our company may change the service content and type by our decision.
  • The Terms are applied to our company and users with respect to the usage of this service.

    Article 2. Responsibility of User

    A user must use this service according to the Terms.

    • A user must prepare and properly configure any devices, software, contracts with Internet service providers on his/her own responsibility and expense.
    • If a user damages our company in relation to this system service, he/she is obliged to compensate for the loss for whatever reason.

      Article 3. Prohibitions

      We prohibit following acts when using this service.

      • Acts against the Terms
      • Making a false statement in input items
      • Impersonating a third party
      • Unfair use of this service or acts that encourage it
      • Creating disadvantages for our company by obstructing this service, or acts that may do so
      • Infringing on our companies’ or third parties’ rights, or acts that may do so
      • Collecting or accumulating personal information of other users, or attempting to do so
      • Acts against public order and morals or common sense
      • Any other acts that our company judges to be inappropriate

        Article 4. Discontinuation of This Service

        In the following cases, our company can suspend this service without informing users beforehand or users’ consent.

        • When we perform periodic or emergency maintenance
        • When we cannot provide this service due to a fire or power failure
        • When we cannot provide this service due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, an eruption, a flood, a tsunami and so on
        • When we cannot provide this service due to war, an uprising, a riot, a labor dispute and so on
        • Any other cases that our company decides that it is necessary to suspend this service due to operational or technical reasons

          Article 5. Scope of Copyright

          • A user may not use any information provided by this service for the purpose beyond private use by an individual user defined by the copyright act, in any way, without the approval of a right holder.
          • If a problem occurs due to violation of the rules on this article by a user, he/she must resolve the problem by his/her own responsibility and expense, and never cause trouble to or create disadvantages for our company.

            Article 6. Disclaimer

            • If a user causes trouble to or create disadvantages for others while using this service, he/she must resolve on the parties’ own responsibility and our company does not take any responsibility.
            • If electronic communication such as an email between our company and a user gets intercepted and information leaks, our company does not take any responsibility.
            • Our company does not take any responsibility on a loss that a user suffers or may suffer due to change, termination or stop of this service.

              Article 7. Governed Law

              The interpretation of these Terms is governed by Japanese law

              Article 8. Competent Court

              When it is necessary to file a lawsuit between a user and our company, a competent court of our company’s location has the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance


              We establish and enforce these terms on October 20th, 2017.